To Strip or not to Strip?

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No we're not going to talk about that kind of stripping here, but am I wrong in saying that we have a product that will benefit you should that be your occupation? Of course, Sugar Paste or Sugar Wax if you prefer, will benefit anyone who wants to be hair free. 

A common question about Sugaring is whether you are better off learning the hand technique or if smearing it on your skin and taking it off with strips is best. The answer? It's up to you.

While we know everyone has it in them to learn the technique, it really isn't that hard, we also know that not everyone is at the point where they want to learn it. So some people say, by using it in ball form there is less wasted sugar and less garbage from strips. To that we say HA, Not True Karen! We have created a strip that is washable. As in washable many times kind of washable. As in we'll save A Lot of disposable strips from going into the landfill washable. These strips pictured below have been washed 15+ times by the time this photo was taken and are still being used and washed. I agree, they look a little sad, but that's only because a dark item snuck into the wash with them. I'm pretty sure that black socks hide somewhere in there and wait for just the right moment, or just the right white item to pop out.

washable wax strips

Can you guess which ones have been washed 15+ times?

So now you're saying "but what about the extra wasted product?" Hang tight, I didn't forget about that! First of all, you can use the same strip to take off 2-4 sections of sugar, leading to a thick buildup of paste on the strip. The good news is Sugar Paste is Not wax. It doesn't harden. Ever. So do you see that handy little applicator that came with your paste and strips? Grab that, or if you own a butter knife that's an option as well, take the sugar paste off the strip using the edge of the applicator and re-apply it to somewhere else on your leg (assuming it's leg day). Ew you say? If you think about it, what is the difference between doing that and using the same ball with the hand technique the whole time? Whatever you do discard the sugar, or wash it away when you are done, do not save any used sugar for future use. Do you want more good news? The sugar that you throw away is completely natural, it's biodegradable. Not only are you helping the environment by not throwing away disposable strips, but you're also not throwing away something that can't decompose. How sweet is that?

So, to strip or not to strip? The choice is yours. You have the tools and the Sugar Paste behaves the same either way.


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