About Us

With the benefits of using natural skincare and beauty products increasing in popularity, ladies and men seek out healthier options for their skin. Sugaring is a hair removal technique alternative to traditional waxing, it is safe, natural and exactly what Sugar Me Bare specializes in. Sugaring is not new to the industry however, there have been very few good quality options available to the public and professionals alike.

Sugar Me Bare is all about smooth, healthy skin and has created a line of sugar wax products that not only remove hair, but are good for your skin. Because our skin is our largest organ and absorbs everything we put on it, we believe it should be treated gently. Sugar Me Bare’s sugar wax is made with no chemicals, no preservatives and only 4 natural ingredients you can actually eat, organic cane sugar, lemon juice, water and chamomile. 

Sugar Me Bare cares deeply about the results of each client, which is why there are three varieties of wax to suit the needs of every individual’s body temperature and different areas of the body. In keeping with the Egyptian origins of sugaring, all of Sugar Me Bare’s products are given Egyptian names with fitting meanings. 

The softest of the waxes and the one used by people who just want to use strips is called Mandisa, a word meaning sweet. The medium wax is a good general wax for most areas of the body and was given the name Safiya, as it translates to meaning pure. The third wax variation is the firmest style and is called Khepri, which translates to morning sun. Our Khepri wax is best for people who tend to have a warmer body temperature and for sweaty areas like bikini, Brazilian and under arms.


We believe that all good skincare products should be made as natural as possible and never include “fillers.” Every product from the sugar wax, drying powder, to the clay masks, is made with carefully chosen ingredients with a specific purpose in mind. Sugar Me Bare truly specializes in making all things hair removal!