Sugar Me Bare - Canadian Sugaring Wax -

Q: What is sugaring?
A: Body sugaring is a form of hair removal using a natural sugar paste made from sugar, lemon juice and water. The sugar paste is molded onto the skin against the direction of hair growth, then quickly flicked off in the direction of hair growth, removing the unwanted hair and dead skin cells. This leaves the skin hair free, exfoliated and smooth as can be!

Q: Do you use the sugar to rub/grind the hair off?
A: Ummm...What?! No, Ouch! There is no grinding, sanding or rubbing the hair off with sugar. Sugar wax is a thick paste that is molded with the hand or an applicator and then quickly flicked in the opposite direction of the mold to remove the hair.

Q: Is the paste really made with only 3 ingredients? Is it really all natural?
A: You bet! Sugar paste is made strictly with sugar, water and lemon juice, that's it. So natural you can eat it, we don't recommend you actually do, but if you do maybe just do it Before it's all hairy :0)

Q: Can I Sugar while using Accutane or Retina-A?
A: No, please complete your treatment and wait a couple of months before starting sugaring.

Q: Does sugaring regularly lead to permanent hair loss?
A: While we can't guarantee anything, yes regular sugaring usually leads to permanent loss. After only one or two treatments you should already notice your hair coming in finer.

Q: Is sugar waxing painful?
A: Some people feel nothing at all. It really depends on many factors. Some people say they feel it more depending on where they are in their cycle and also the location being sugared. Unlike waxing, sugar is applied against the direction of hair growth and taken off with it, significantly reducing any discomfort. Alcohol and caffeine also have an affect on your sugaring experience. While you may feel like you will be more relaxed if you have a drink or a coffee they will actually heighten the sense of any discomfort making the process more painful than relaxing. One of the key ways to make sure it is as pain free as possible is to make sure that you hold your skin very tight as you flick. 

Q: Who can do sugaring?
A: That's one of the great things about sugaring, almost everyone can do it, including people with sensitive skin, diabetes and psoriasis! Some people do take to the technique a little faster than others, but we are always here to help if you need it and once you have it mastered you will be so thankful that you stuck with it!

Q: How warm should the sugar be?
A: Not warm at all! Sugar Paste if heated too much can burn you. We have formulated our sugar paste to be used straight from the jar as often as possible. If warming is needed it should only be room temperature, or slightly above.

Q: I can't keep the sugar in ball form and it gets all over my hand. What do I do?
A: We all have this problem when we start, call it Newbie Syndrome! The first step is to relax and not get frustrated. To avoid this as much as possible you need to keep the sugar at your finger tips, while applying and during the flick. Sometimes if you do a really fast hard flick it will wrap itself around your hand. 

Q: When I go to flick the sugar doesn't come off, it just sticks to my skin.
A: The sugar won't actually stick to live skin cells, so it isn't really "stuck" it's just sitting there waiting to be removed. When you go to do your flick you really need to overlap your last mold. If you think you are, try overlapping further! Still having trouble? Contact us, we will be happy to help!

Q: Can you shower after sugar waxing?
A: Absolutely! Our wax is truly made out of sugar, which 
dissolves in water. So go ahead shower for as long as you want!

Q: How do you prep your skin for sugar waxing?
A: Sugar wax works by "seeping" into your follicles and removing your hair by the root. To do that your skin needs to be clean, but lets not get too crazy, we don't need to get peels or disinfect. Clean, dry skin is all that is needed. you can shower, or just use a wet cloth to get any dirt off your skin. If you have any lotions or moisturizing oils on it will be much easier to get the hair out if you make sure those are all off, so maybe use some soap then. Remember, anything in your follicle is already taking up that space, so it needs to be cleaned out so the sugar can do its job.
Once your skin is all clean and dry you may want to apply some powder. The powder has a couple of important jobs. One is is helps absorb any extra moisture or oils from your skin. The other is it acts as a heat barrier between your skin and the sugar. As you are learning sugaring your skin can get quite warm, the powder helps prevent the sugar from melting on that warm skin. Don't worry, as you get more confident in your waxing abilities your skin will stop getting so warm and you will start using less powder.