FAQ'S – Sugar Me Bare


Q: What is sugaring?
A: Body sugaring is a form of hair removal using a natural sugar paste made from sugar, lemon juice and water. The sugar paste is molded onto the skin against the direction of hair growth, then quickly flicked off in the direction of hair growth, removing the unwanted hair and dead skin cells. This leaves the skin hair free, exfoliated and smooth as can be!

Q: Do you use the sugar to rub/grind the hair off?
A: Ummm...What?! No, Ouch! There is no grinding, sanding or rubbing the hair off with sugar. Most people actually enjoy the sensation of the sugar being applied.​

Q: Is the paste really made with only 3 ingredients? Is it really all natural?
A: You bet! Sugar paste is made strictly with sugar, water and lemon juice, that's it. So natural you can actually eat it. Give it a try next time you're in!

Q: Can I Sugar while using Accutane or Retina-A?
A: We do not recommend this, we will happily help you when you are done your treatment.

Q: Does sugaring regularly lead to permanent hair loss?
A: While we can't guarantee anything, yes regular sugaring usually leads to permanent loss. After your first service you will already start noticing your hair coming back in finer.

Q: Is Sugaring painful?
A: It really depends on many factors. Some people say they feel it more depending on where they are in their cycle and also the location being sugared. Most clients feel little to no discomfort and some even enjoy it. Unlike waxing, sugar is applied against the direction of hair growth and taken off with it, significantly reducing any discomfort.

Q: Who can get sugaring done?
A: That's one of the great things about sugaring, almost everyone can get it done, including people with sensitive skin, diabetes and psoriasis!