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Safiya Sugar Paste Sugar Paste Sugar Me Bare
Safiya Sugar Paste Sugar Paste Sugar Me Bare
Safiya Sugar Paste Sugar Paste Sugar Me Bare
Safiya Sugar Paste Sugar Paste Sugar Me Bare
Safiya Sugar Paste Sugar Paste Sugar Me Bare
Safiya Sugar Paste Sugar Paste Sugar Me Bare
Safiya Sugar Paste Sugar Paste Sugar Me Bare

Safiya Sugar Paste

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Imagine running your hand along a smooth, soft silk sheet. It's so soft you can't help it, you have to slide your hand across it again. Now imagine that soft silky sheet isn't a sheet, but your leg. Stop imagining now because that feeling is achievable with Body Sugaring.

While we can all appreciate what technology has done for us and we can't imagine a world without it, sometimes, especially when it comes to products we are putting on our body, taking a step back in time is the best option. Sugaring is one of the oldest forms of hair removal and is still one of the best to this day. While technology has taken over with some sugar pastes we know the results just aren't the same. All Sugar Me Bare sugar pastes are made with Organic Cane Sugar instead of sucrose or refined white sugar to reduce any possible reactions. We also include Chamomile to soothe your skin as you go.

Combine with our Sahara Drying powder and Nile Calming Mist for a natural hair removal routine that you will actually look forward to and leave you wondering why you didn't start sooner.

Safiya is a medium sugar paste and is good for most areas of the body such as legs, arms, face, back and chest. Safiya was designed to be used with the hand technique but is also suitable for use with strips or a flicker card/applicator.
  • Portable, take it with you camping or on holidays. Just because you're going on vacation doesn't mean you need to be prickly
  • Doesn't need to be warmed. In fact, we recommend trying it straight out of the jar
  • A medium paste that is strong enough to remove coarse hair, yet soft enough to remove fine hair
  • Safe for all skin types, designed with sensitive skin in mind
  • Used by Professional Sugarists and home sugarists, made by a Professional Sugarist
  • Certified Cruelty Free by Leaping Bunny
  • Paste is biodegradable with recyclable packaging
  • We want you to have a good experience. If you get stuck and need help send us an email, or send a video of what is happening and we will send one back with some tips
Comes complete with a washable plastic applicator/flicker card, machine washable strips and paste.
*When warming the sugar please note it should not be heated until hot! Hot sugar can burn your skin. Sugar Paste should only be heated very slightly, if at all, to make it more pliable. If it is still firm when you try to take it out of the jar, that is the consistency you are looking for. If the sugar is thin and runny this is far too hot, please do not touch it, wait for it to cool down.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Great sugar wax!

Easy to work with once you figure out how to do it yourself. Fast shipping.


Love this sugar! Works amazing. The applicator is a game changer!

So Good!

Medium is very nice to work with. So easy to use.

Best hair removal I’ve purchased!

Certainly does the job and love that you can reuse the same blob a few times. Still not the best at doing the flicking motion but every time I use it, I get better! It’s been a week now and legs feel as smooth as the first day. Game changer for me!

You've created a product that stands up to and exceeds expectations

I waited three weeks after receiving my sugar kit before writing y'all because I wanted to wait for results. They're in and I'm never buying another sugaring brand again. The Safiya is absolutely perfect for my coarse hair and while I have minimal stubble starting to come back, three weeks hair free was incredible. I always know that when I start waxing or sugaring, my first two times last roughly 2-3 weeks before I see some stubble and then I'll be able to go 4-6 weeks easy. The wax is amazing but my favorite part was the calming mist. My legs were silky smooth and it didn't leave an oily residue like some essential oil sprays have in the past. Oh, and the mask. I bought the Zahra because I've struggled with acne and oily skin since my teen years and I'm in my 30s now so it's been a frustrating shit show of masks and products that dry me out, aggravate my skin or leave me less than satisfied. However, so far I'm using the mask 2-3 times a week (usually on my kickboxing days since that's when I'm sweating the heaviest) and I've noticed my skin is clearing up and I'm not getting weird oily patches throughout the day. I've actually been able to cut back on makeup and not wear any concealer, just my foundation and my skin just feels healthier. I'm completely in love with the products and can't wait to purchase again.

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