Sugar for Waxing?

sugar paste not granules

Don't fret, it's a paste not granules

Go from hairy to smooth and silky using sugar for wax?  Do you need an alternative to shaving for hair removal?  Are you concerned about safety? Have you heard of the latest rage? Sugar wax, also referred to as sugar paste, is used by estheticians around the world as an alternative to other forms of hair removal. This type of wax has been used since ancient times and has been recognized as a favourite among celebrities, influencers and us regular people as well! 

While we commonly think of sugar as that nasty white stuff we need to consume less of. Many of us have still not heard of using sugar to remove hair. If you have visions of rubbing sharp sugar granules across your skin to grind the hair away, fear not, that is nothing like what you will experience at all.

Sugar waxing is becoming a common method of hair removal. Sugar wax uses sugar and lemon juice to remove the hair from the root. The sugar and lemon mixture is applied to the skin, allowed to set for a few moments and then removed quickly, taking the hair with it. Sugar wax has been shown to be better for sensitive skin than hot wax according to a study by the University of Texas at Austin. The ingredients in hot wax can cause irritation, while the natural sugar wax removes the hair gently without irritating delicate skin. The study also found that sugar waxing was more effective at removing hair from the root than hot wax, which can lead to longer-lasting results. 

Sugar can be a great alternative if you have sensitive skin and can be more affordable and environmentally friendly since you can use the same ball of sugar to do your entire legs. It is also available in different consistencies so you can get the right one for the body part you want sugared, or for the climate that you live in. Even though sugar waxing can take some practice, many find it a superior alternative to waxing, shaving or using depilatory creams.

Are feeling intrigued, but not so into it that you want to do it to yourself? We understand and can help you out. There are professional sugarists across the country that use our signature paste and we can help you find a sugarist in your area.


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